Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning:

After a lifetime spent accumulating enough wealth to support a comfortable retirement and no doubt children and other dependents it would be nice to think that you'd be able to decide who inherits what from you without the Government receiveing as much as 40% of the value of your estate through Inheritance Tax.

A range of tax mitigation solutions can be offered to reduce this tax liability whilst ensuring that your assets are dealt with according to your wishes at the appropriate time. Planning for your estate should begin far in advance of the time when it will actually be called upon. Correctly drafted Will's and Trusts can ensure that assets pass to benfeciaries swiftly and without deduction of tax. If you die without leaving a Will, not only will there be no direction as to who should inherit your worldy goods but there will be no protection from the Government receiveing a portion of it their value as well.

A little forward planning can save an awful lot of hassle, heartache and expense for loved ones after you are gone.

By offering access to a Will Writing Service via professional connections we are able to provide a complete Estate Planning Service to maintain an element of control of your assets before and after your death.


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