Pre-Retirement Planning:

Retirement Planning is the cornerstone of financial planning and a highly complex area. We offer a pre-retirement planning service incorporating a range of retirement saving vehicles. This includes Personal Pension plans for individuals and companies as well as specialist advice in the area of pension transfers and Self Invested Personal Pensions.

Pensions have never been a popular or exciting topic but as you approach retirement they will become one of the most important things in your life. Someone wise once said that "the river of income only flows while you're at work. If you want to retire one day you'll have to dam that river and slow the flow". Pension plans are designed to be the most tax efficient and secure way of ensuring that you can enjoy your retirement in a lifestyle somewhere close to that which you are accustomed to. Exciting? No. Essential? Yes.

Pensions legislation has changed dramatically over the last decade and whilst these changes were always intended to simplify the retirement savings arena, because of the wide range of pension types and differing rules in place, pensions remain complex and confusing. We can help to clarify matters with a jargon free, transparent explanation of your current pension position, how best to position your pension fund going forwards or how to begin saving for your retirement in good time. Saving for a pension can be hard but not as hard as living without a pension when you are old.

On average you may have half a dozen different jobs in your working life, which may mean a number of different pension plans, working under different rules, investing in different ways and all with no one to guide them once you leave your previous employer. If appropriate, consolidating your pensions can give you a more structured approach to your retirement fund with a single focussed investment strategy and an ability to see at a glance what your pension fund has amounted too.

Getting professional advice on your pensions is imperative whether you are starting out or have already accumulated a pension fund of some significance. Whilst people are working longer and therefore retiring later, leaving it late to address your retirement income may be disastrous. We aim to provide clear, concise and informative advice on your pension provision and to help you improve it to enjoy a more comfortable retirement.


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