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Do you have insurance for your Car? For your home and its contents? How about your pets or your mobile phone? Of course you do but what about your own life or the lives of those important to you, what about insurance for your health and income you may lose as a result of ill health...No? What do you value more your family or your mobile phone? Enough of the questions, time for some answers.

For most people their only life assurance contracts will be set in place for the mortgage, which is of course likely to be the biggest liability for most of your life. Financial Protection is left to the death in service cover provider by an employer, 2, 3 or 4 times salary through a group scheme. But what if you leave that employer and your new company does not provide such cover? Most people with families would want to ensure that they are financially secure should anything unfortunate happen to a parent, by definition this is cheaper to arrange when you are younger. Cover can be provided to pay a lump sum or regular income to a surviving spouse, partner or children in the event of death. Life cover is relatively cheap and for those with family the cost is very small compared to the alternative of leaving a family without the major income earner.

For those that have thought about the future in this way, a little morbid we appreciate, you may well have insurance in place for when you die ... but what do you have in case you live? You are actually four times more likely to suffer a critical illness than you are to die before the age of 65. Due to advances in medicine and care 85% of breast cancer sufferers will survive for more than five years and more than a third of people who suffer a heart attack will survive. But would your income drop as a result? Would your life be impaired such that you would have greater expense to live your normal life after such an illness?

It would be nice to know there was a financial cushion to fall back on if this happened to make life that little bit easier, then you could concentrate on getting better. Critical illness cover can provide a lump sum or regular income for you and your family to help ease the financial burden during a difficult time.

Our whole of market Protection Panel offers you peace of mind to know that your family, dependants, assets and income are fully protected in the event of death or serious illness. Our full range of protection solutions incorporates life cover, critical illness insurance, income protection and private medical insurance . For companies this extends to protecting Shareholders, Partners, Directors and Key Personnel.

The serious illness or death of a key person can be just a critical to a business as to a family and protection can be put in place to ensure that business returns to as usual as possible as quickly as possible. Group protection schemes can be introduced for employees to offer a more attractive employment package and allow a company to show they care about their most valuable assets that bit more.


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